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an island off the coast of rhode island. simply the most amazing summer vacation spot in new england. where boat parties happen nightly.
girl 1: so where did u go on vacation this summer?

girl 2: i spent most of the summer in block island.

girl 1: wow that is amazing. i love it there
by connecticut_girl April 03, 2007
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Block Island is a beautiful place to live, and I'm totally biased considering I've lived here over 10 years. In the winter, the kids all go to a normal public school just like anyone else would, and they take a regular bus just like any other kids would. When summer starts to roll around, we begin shunning and make a mockery of the tourists because every summer, the island is infested with people who have never driven mopeds, but try it anyway, and snobby rich people who think they can do whatever they want. At night, all the drunks poke out of their caverns and make disgusting fools of themselves.

Other than that, Block Island is wonderful. We've got beaches. But seriously, not all the people who live here are loaded. We don't all own billions of houses. This place is really fucking expensive, and it sucks ass, but it's worth it because there's not that many people. It's a small town, full of typical working people who have typical incomes, and some not so well off, and if anyone tries to say that the island is full of rich, snobby, stuck up kids, again, I will personally find them and teach them a lesson.

In conclusion, do not judge the island based off of the tourists. You have to actually live here to know what the hell you're talking about.
Islander teenager: Well it's almost summer, you know what that means.

Island teenager 2: ugh yeah, hot people who are completely unavailable and drunken idiots and tourists who have no idea what the hell they're doing on Block Island

IT: I love when they ask how to get someplace *laughter*

IT2: I know right?! It's like, buddy, walk in a straight line, or follow the main road. You'll get there easily. Trust me. Haha
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Take the whole roll of toilet paper, and clog the toilet with an impenetrable wad. Now arch your hips, and let out a steaming vile pile of the most foul rodent your stomach can wrestle. This lets the your stinky meatload airiate into the most gut-wrenching treasure trove anyone could find!
When I came into the cabin I saw 2 campers running out laughing, it took not more than one breath to realize our cabin smelled like rotten sewage. When i looked into the toilet was when i realized us rollerbladers had fallen victim to what I had later learned was known as the block Island.

I feel bad for whoever had to un-clog that messy pot of mumbo-gumbo.
by skater jack d October 26, 2006
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A small, 7x3 island off the coast of Rhode Island, known for being a popular summer destination for big shot yahoos on yachts and wealthy moms who like to wear clothes with tiny whales on them and watch their spoiled children play tennis and sail. Where boat parties happen nightly in the summer and the rich island kids live easy lives, spending their time smoking marijuana and going to the beach and living in 1 million+ homes. A summer town that seems to come out of a movie, it is filled with summer tourists, skinny drug dealing island kids, and idiots on mopeds. It's also known for having rich stuck up people who think they're better than the rest of the world because they live in a mansion on an island where they spend two months out of the year in, while the rest of the "poor" world spends their time in the continental US in the one home they own
I almost got run over by a speeding trophywife soccer mom in a massive SUV, then again by a drunk guy on a moped!

You must have been on block island
by yeahbroskiyeah April 11, 2011
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One of the most preppy places in New England for summer vacationers. Filled with some of the most stuck up rich kids you will ever meet. They spend their time sailing, playing tennis, going to the beach,attending "the club", going to yacht parties, swimming in each others ocean-side pools, making fun of tourists etc.. They are additionally rude to anyone who doesn't also own a multimillion dollar mansion on an island. They wear Vineyard Vines, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Brooks Brothers, J.crew, Patagonia, etc.. Their parents are among Americas "1%" and live their lives in luxury. The island town is nothing less than perfect, filled with boutiques of all sorts. The island mansions are absolutely stunning and are some of the most luxurious homes you will ever see. Everyone there, who is not tourist, live rich, careless, dream-like lives. This island is the vacation version of Greenwich, CT.
Rich Kid: My sailing lesson is a 2:00 and I need to make it to the beach for at least 2 hours and then I am going to that yacht party tonight and getting wasted then I am sleeping over my friends house so be ready to to pick me up at 11:00 sharp in the morning.

Mom: Okay!!! I will see you tomorrow!! God love you

Rich kid: I love block island
by The 99% February 09, 2013
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