1.) To begin doing what you stopped doing before, and often after recovering from an illness or a set-back.

2.) Riding a horse
1.) The doctor said that I have fully recovered, so I am ready and will be back in the saddle by Monday.

2.) His teenage son got a new position in the polo club, and he is now back in the saddle
by Sir Orlando November 10, 2013
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When you are back to doing what you do best. Or, when you are back home from a long trip.
Timmy had been on the mend from a broken foot, but now that he's all better and playing ball again, he's <back in the saddle>.

Joey had been on a long business trip but now he's <back in the saddle>.
by Boogiebones March 5, 2009
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after ages of not getting any action, a women gets a date with the first wo/man she meets and sleeps with him or her and then never sees them again. any bloody bloke that comes along first, that ur neva goin 2 c again
person a- when did u last fuck someone
person b- millenium new years party
person a- u know wot u need, a back in the saddle man
by woteva:P March 21, 2010
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When a male has his dick in a girl while she is on top of him and giving someone else a blowjob (usally used during a threesome).
This girl was doing a back saddle last night.
by May is bae April 4, 2017
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........Whore Back Saddle - is a condom, touque or Jimmy Hat. Basically, protection when you are banging that "Dish-rag-whore" you just met and are about to put the coals to her.
"Make sure you bring some Whore Back-saddles to the bar with you, in case you take some dish rag home, after the close".
by Rude Donny November 12, 2005
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