A new word used by gold diggers to distract people from seeing them for what they really are.
Khayi: I'm so in love with my new man. He took me on a cruise, gives me money for clothes and groceries, and he finally agreed to buy me a new car. He's such a blesser.

Jez: No, Khanyi, he's not a blesser. You're just a gold digger.
by Jez86 May 11, 2016
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Another term for a sugar daddy, who spends money on females in hopes of sex. Money is usually spent on drinks, clothes, cars, tuition and any other thing the recipient might need
Bruce: "how is Dana driving a new Benz when she ain't got no job "
Clark " ain't you heard she got a blesser, he even paying her rent "
by WhoKingcole April 07, 2016
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A lip blesser is when someone places their penis on someone's lip disregarding what sex the person may be
Watch out that man is a lip blesser better keep away from him.
by Frc_meme May 25, 2017
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one who dabbles in many religions
By middle age, she'd been through every nook and cranny of Asia and had turned into a real cross-blesser.
by tik-tiki July 17, 2008
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