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Khanyi is a great queen. Khanyi had many castles, valiant victories & stuff *wink. Khanyi, was often 9000 times the size of her puny opponents, with an affinity for kicking small things. She was also known as a master trained in many disciplines, some of which, were less useful than others. Alas, we digress. One day Khanyi left her home on another of her allegedly awesome & adventurous adventures. She sent forth with her shiny armor glistening like a shiny thing with lots of sun shining off it with a good glisten. Her valiant quest would lead her into dangerous places infested with dangerous things. These dangerous things would always leave her in great danger. At the top of the hill the mighty queen met with a lesser secondary character of minor importance to the telling on this story (he wasn't even drawn well) who imparted on her knowledge, which at the time seemed to be of importance but turned out to be directions to a seedy drinking whole in the southwest corner of town. The secondary character, whose name was probably something like bob, also informed her that she could press b to jump (one day this will save the Queen's life). On a freezing fluttery faithful Frorday (Friday was renamed to celebrate the letter 'O'), with the previously quest long forgotten, our Queen was awoken by the sound of a bear breaking in to steal her husband. She killed it, like dead, it’s a carpet now. The moral of the story, never read the whole definition, it gets weird towards the end!
In a land far far away lived great and powerful Khanyi.
Khanyi, without fear and without doubt in her greatness
aaaaaahhhhh Khanyi you are so cool!
by SquidCore November 30, 2016
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