is a slang term for a rich man who offers support (typically financial and material) to a younger female companion in exchange for sex, friendship, etc.
She's on the lookout for a blesser
by mchithisi May 10, 2016
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Girl 1: OMG where did you get that MK bag?
Girl 2: My blesser bought it for me. #Blessed
by FlowerChild181😌 April 3, 2016
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Think sugar daddy, but with a whole lot more money. He's filthy rich, and can set you up with clothing accounts, overseas holidays (Dubai is the current hot destination) and sometimes even a car. So when you date one, your life has been blessed. Financially anyway...
My blesser just bought me a condo in the northern suburbs!
by Puma kph April 26, 2016
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A sugardaddy that will "bless" young beautiful women leading unlavish lives with money, vacations and a work-free lifestyle in exchange for "dating" aka sex. This misogyinistic dating agency has gone viral across Social Media, particularly in South Africa.
Yamkela: Hey Sista, where did you get the Givenchy fur jacket?!

Sfebe: Oh come on gal. Haven't you heard ?? I've been blessed.

Yamkela: OMG Sista! Maybe I need to find my own blesser
by Mysoulisnotforsale April 9, 2016
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he brought me a car #myblesser
I aint broke cause My Blesser is around
by MissNaynay May 17, 2016
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Blesser AKA - Money spender , "make it rain" with $$$$ Bills
This guy was a Blesser in the strip club
by Nilan_BAUSS May 6, 2016
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