Extremely large, bigger than tonk.
50 cent is blench, not good but large in size. "My guns are getting blench after taming the 45s!"
by Wrek August 10, 2005
A contraction of the words 'black' and 'hench'. I'm sorry if you lads didnt know it was a racial thing but it is. It's never used in a negative light though.
"Seen that bouncer man? He's blench an he's got a cute lil beard."
by greeef November 18, 2005
someone how is muscly and strong.
'look at him hes pretty blench'
by big baz January 14, 2008
When you have to take a poop, but yo in public and there’s no bathroom around.
Quamiere: Ayo why he look so uncomfortable?
Requis: Must be blenchin, that mf be trippin.
to be 'heavy.' The superlative of the word good. By using the word 'uba' in front of this word, you are strengthening the superlative ie. 'uba blench'
That merc is serverly blench.
by Vinny45 July 13, 2005
Blench is a disinfectant chemical or can mean to whiten by exposure to sunlight or by a chemical process.
I blenched my hair with blench to make it blonde
by MrBanana4 February 4, 2021
When something is large and can no longer be described as merely hench, it must be bloody-hench, therefore, Blench!
Bart: Maaaaate, what is in this, it must be piff as fuck
Hannah: Nahh mate, this is fucking blench as fuck!
by HanzAlmighty January 28, 2013