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A bunch of sweaty mexicans (with the exceptions of a few members) from Tuscon, Arizona, that play post hardcore along the veins of the legendary Refused. Unlike most post hardcore bands, the bled's music can be described as "I cut you, not myself. *cuts person of a third party*"
Chris: How would you decsribe The Bled?

Robert: *does some action of violence unto a third party*

Chris: :D
by Robertz0r August 31, 2006

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An area of concetrated paradox in the south eastern corner of washington. Whats usually considered cruel and unusual in most civilized towns, is normal for walla walla.
Unlike normal girls, the girls found in walla walla are really the incarnation of dictators/leaders from the past such as Hitler, Stalin, and Napolean. Sometimes the paradox is so strong that it effects surrounding areas.
Robert: Dude, this new Paris Hilton cd pwnz!

Brad: No dude, thats walla walla playing tricks on your mind again.

Robert: =/
by Robertz0r August 23, 2006

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