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is one of the best anime series, its about Ichigo Kurosaki and his shinigami powers and hollows attack people and people swing their swords crazy and people called arrancar have abilitys like a shingami and Ulquiorra is such a emo :D but i love him for that
BLEACH RAWR many Bleachtards these days
by Narutoismeh February 24, 2008
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A show that has over 200 episodes and is gonna have much more episodes and had movies that has very long names, i mean wow very long names its like a sentence. uhh and its about some boy that has a fox(Kyuubi in Japanese or something) in his body and wants to get the fuck out and rule ze world, Naruto is also some kind of thingy i find in my ramen yum
Example-what example i dont know what a example is naruto
by Narutoismeh February 24, 2008
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Naruto Shippuden Meaning "Naruto The Hurricane Chronicles" or somehting like that, is the sequel of Naruto, and has over 40 episodes already and the series may end on the 200's and if Shonen Jump or w.e the japense author guy is for naruto has alot of money he may make a sequel of a sequel which will be a trilogy of a series

Story - Naruto comes back to his ninja town of leaf people 2 years later, he trains blah blah he goes on a mission to find gaara because some evil people called akatsuki(pronounced Aka Tsuki the t is silent)want to catch the Monsters inside peoples body or has no host and his running freely, and sakura kills some puppet guy named Sasori and blah some other shit happens and the leader shows him self his name is Pein or Pain or blah blah blah His Whore Konan is hot, and the guy who tells Pein or pain what to do is Tobi, tobi is no good boy anymore and Jiraya dies which must upset many people and Sasuke is fighting Itachi, but Itachi is like halfish blindish now, and thats it for now...
Naruto shippuden is kinda cool a 3 out of 5 series never mind 3.5 :D
by Narutoismeh February 24, 2008
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A game where nerds think they are cool enough to say such bad things like "Fuck you nigga" or"Bitch im lvl 70 and your lvl 19 i could own your mom in bed" or some bull shit like that some times cool people play it, and they get to addicted and turn into fat greasy nerds, and they can dance -_- and has 2 expansion games already and people are getting ANGREH because they want to play it so badly that they look up the internet all day long to just try to find one wow leak or the new expansion and, wow has commercials where they must of payed the actors over 10000$ just to be in one commercial such as Mr.T or that dude from Star Trek and other people yet to come.
World of warcraft is like weed in a computer :D, side affects are you get acne, you may lose your girl friend or you may never get one, you may lose your friends and get online friends and ask a docter for the rest
by Narutoismeh February 24, 2008
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