A phrase which means to complete a task to the barest minimum standard, and subsequently cease working. At this point one may check off the box on a task list or matrix.
I'm totally just going to check the box on this English homework.
by someoneelsetookmyrealname October 21, 2011
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Implying that there is a list of boxes that can be checked in life, indicating the various experiences one has had, and checking off one of them. Almost exclusively in reference to sexual experiences. One's sexual resume. Various skin colors, sexual orientations, and physical features are all examples of boxes that can be checked off one's list.
I don't know if I'd do her (the shaved bald, heavily pierced, 200 lb woman across the way), but if you want to check that box, go right ahead.

Man, I'd really like to check that box (referring to the slim Asian hottie friend-of-a-friend).
by bodhilicious January 10, 2008
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This is a game drunk guys play at the bar. Each guy tries to hook up with a girl of a different race or look. Such as white, black, asian, south american, indian, ect. Also boxes may include blonde, brunette, redhead, ginger, or black hair. Not a very nice game but one guys play.
Joey tried to check the box when he went for that asian chunker!
by Darrin May December 13, 2013
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The term used to describe the monotonous, rigorous, stab-your-eye-with-a-pencil military process of completing useless routine activities to be rewarded with a check mark on a piece of paper.
"Yeah! In-clearance took 2 days and I filled out the same form 8 times, but at least I got my check in the box for another year!"
by JWatts17 August 13, 2012
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A "check-in-the-box" and is an action or mandate that a group or authority takes when it doesn't want to be liable for something, so they put on an act that everyone secretly knows is functionally meaningless but has enough good intention so that criticism is often viciously attacked. In the end, if a worst-case scenario presents itself, the group or authority in question can claim they took all the possible precautions they had at their disposal and are not liable for damages while exclaiming how sorry they are things didn't happen as they would have liked. This usually leads to calls for more feel-good protocols and additional checks-in-the-box actions, and if the group or authorities' performance is good enough can even lead to the group or authority being lauded for their benevolence, all the while the people forgetting it was the original check-in-the-box that might have caused the crisis.
Person A: Do you think installing a sign warning people that there is no lifeguard on duty will help prevent drowning?
Person B: (Being honest) Of course not, but it's a check-in-the-box, so we won't be responsible if anything else does happen.
Person A: You're so cynical.
by LaughingGhost February 23, 2021
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Tony checked all the boxes with Kat
3 star cooking cod clean house 70's porn sex. Yeah I guess there is karma
That dude landed a unicorn

Must have paid at the office
by Tonythetiler November 12, 2020
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If you say "it checks all the boxes", you mean that it shows you very clearly the truth about a situation or someone's feelings. That something says it all.
"He listens to Adele and wears pink shirts."

"Checks all the boxes."
by Sushiaraziel November 26, 2016
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