what you say when you punch someone ODB style
::punch someone in the face while they aren't looking:: "Blaow"
by Leigh February 20, 2003
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So I grabbed the pump-pump 'n was like BLAOW!
by DropBombs May 30, 2005
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Raekwon The Chef's way of letting you know he is dead serious.
Check the end of Pete Rock's verse on "Respect Mine" off of Soul Survivor for an example.
by edd0 May 11, 2004
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To punch someone from behind or to shoot a person with a powerful weapon.
bang bang blaow
by zizi October 17, 2003
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Blaow: means bitch. This was derived from the St. Croix Educational Complex Track Team, In the V.I."BARRA FOR LIFE!!!" It is used when u make a joke after someone, It is used like a nickname. Can be used as a description.
"Shy Blaow" used to describe the shy girl on the team.

"That Gurl is a Blaow"
by Jervinia March 30, 2004
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Blaow means high asf! You’re Blake after you just smoked a heavy joint.
“ yo can you come pick me up”

“ I can’t I just smoked I’m so blaow
“It’s adii next time invite me bitch
by Mrs.StoleYaMan April 22, 2019
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