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what you say when you punch someone ODB style
::punch someone in the face while they aren't looking:: "Blaow"
by Leigh February 20, 2003
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Often emphasized in ALL CAPS and never without the exclamation point, it is an uproarious expression of outstanding enthusiasm and tremendous accomplishment.

All hail Cardiel!
Did you see him launch that nollie 360 flip over the spine?! It was like BLAOW!
by purestchaos February 11, 2009
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1) (adj.) A feeling, similar to that of a drug high

2) (adj.) A way to describe something cool or awesome
1) Guy: How you doing?
Sam: Chillin on the couch, feelin' kinda, Blaow

2) Girl 1: That is so cool!
Girl: Yeah! So Blaow!
by Blaowwww August 27, 2009
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As onimoniapia this word is the sound a loud gun makes. It is used as a verb to describe the besting, killing or defeating of something usually in some competitive environment.
"I just blaowed Toby in basketball, he was so ashamed!!"

by Michal Thrust November 04, 2011
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Check the end of Pete Rock's verse on "Respect Mine" off of Soul Survivor for an example.
by edd0 May 10, 2004
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