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The noise made by a shotgun.
So I grabbed the pump-pump 'n was like BLAOW!
by DropBombs May 30, 2005
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Pharmaceuticals sold illegally.
I heard this outside a joint I was gonna go into once.
(Guy walking up and down line of people waiting to go in) Hey man, I got pharms, got white footballs, anyone want some pharms?
by DropBombs August 27, 2005
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When you take a ride in a car specifically to smoke plant. See burncruise, bc
Pack the pipe and let's take a burner man.
by DropBombs May 30, 2005
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"Mother of all dumps." Inspired by the MOAB bomb used in the recent Gulf war. A massive, long, and powerful defecation that is followed by shock and awe.
When he stepped out of the bathroom half an hour later, Julius saw the shock and awe on peoples faces and realized they too knew he had dropped a MOAD.
by dropbombs November 07, 2003
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