a traditional Inupiaq eskimo word literally translated as "ouch," in Northwest Alaska, especially to adolescents, it's now an exclamation of frustration or unwillingness to do a task; pronounced "uh-dee"
Adii! I don't want to walk all the way to the store!
by the bird ladies December 30, 2010
Adiy's have the most swag in the room. He may act mean to you but hes really showing affection. They usually are at the top of the swagger scale and they KNOW it. Every girl want him but hates him. Hes so openminded and intelligent. While still be sexy even with just black hair brown eyes and being a small but cute height. If your an adiy your lucky. Usually has many girlfriends or girls that want to be. Has a lot of female friends but they all find him cute not sexy and see him as a little brother.
Hey, you know Adiy?
Yeah he's that cute one right?
by itsurboywasim June 28, 2017
has a Afro and attracts men
dam that Afro adiy
by hi adiy February 22, 2017
A crazy sweet woman who loves to be nice and se deserves the world.
She is so Adiy!
by 💙 Kat July 10, 2021