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1. a person with dark colored hair that is generally really cool and smart and knows a hell of alot more then blondes
2. if ya really want a lady..a brunette is the way to go. we have fun but actually know what we're talkin about.
all the hot girls that u see are generally brunettes and if they aren't then they died their hair and were originally brunettes.
by Leigh May 04, 2004

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When a laydee is felating a lucky gent: just as he thunders past the vinegar strokes and he cums into her mouth, the puffing out of her cheeks at the point of no return is reminiscent of her playing the 'spunk trumpet'
Ee - that ethel everreddy - she's a one for that spunk trumpet
by Leigh August 01, 2003

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1) An term to describe the use of a large number of people to accomplish a task. The outcome can be negatively affected when too many personnel are applied.

2) A military or online-gaming term for a military screw-up. Usually due to incompetent commanders... often results in friendly fire. Possibly an indication that two many soldiers were needlessly deployed in a small area.
programmer #1: there's like 20 people working on that bug.
programmer #2: uh, I think it'll be a total clusterfuck

soldier #1: awe fuck, I just shot Bobby
soldier #2: we're shooting at our own guys, this is a total clusterfuck!
by Leigh July 19, 2004

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what you say when you punch someone ODB style
::punch someone in the face while they aren't looking:: "Blaow"
by Leigh February 20, 2003

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a term of endearment for a friend or any other known individual.
Hey poopy!, whats up?
by Leigh December 12, 2005

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dickhead, faggot

or a person who looks like a penis
suzie> ewww look at your boyfriend
cindy> yeah he looks like a penis head
Kelly> i know thats why i like him
by Leigh July 26, 2004

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Kamahl is a Sri Lankan born singer in Australia infamous for having making the ladies delirious with his velvety rendition of Old Man River.
He can beat pretty much anyone in a fight.
Dude, I totally Kahmahled my girlfriend last night. IN YOUR FACE!
by Leigh December 16, 2003

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