Blackrock (Irish: An Charraig Dhubh) is a suburban town and district located south of the city of Dublin, Ireland.

Often known as a 'posh' part of South Dublin.
"i live in blackrock"

"she's rich, she lives in blackrock!"
by rebecca-shaddix July 11, 2008
to be one of a gay organisation.....
u are such a blackrock boy
by willyer June 20, 2006
To sudece another member of the same sex into performing oral sex. This slang is largely used in the gay community of blackrock and is fround apon by society
Those two guys soo go to blackrock
by Ducky16 August 4, 2006
A school where posh wankers go to become an absolute dick head while thinking there the absolute shit also darragh Walsh is a cunt
Hey is darragh Walsh a cunt?
Yep a very massive one because he goes to Blackrock
by 🤮🤮🤮🤮👹👺 December 11, 2019
When a girl is raped by five guys, then bashed to death with a rock and left at the beach
Dude, that chick just got Blackrocked
by anny1ne August 28, 2008
A secondary school in South County Dublin where wealthy parents pay €20000 a term for their son to become a professional penis.

The students consist mainly of posh wankers who argue about whose daddy has more money. They usually go to school via private helicopter and enjoy extravagant ski holidays in Andorra on bank holiday weekends. They are often seen trying to act hard despite the fact that they're driving around in their daddy's Range Rover.

A noticeable characteristic of a Blackrock student is that they seem to be oblivious to the fact that they are absolute saps.
John: I'm going to walk over there and kick the shit out those four guys, simply because they go to Blackrock College.

James: Please do, but beware, their dad will most likely sue you.
by sogladidontgotoblackrock February 17, 2011
A gang of fit tall guys who all play rugby in a school called Blackrock college. 98% of them do drugs. All have abs and think they own the world. Money supplied all by ‘Daddy’
Look at all them fit Blackrock guys
by Southdublinexplainer October 31, 2019