It is the southern section of Orange County, California between Newport Beach and Irvine(to the north) and San Clemente(to the south). It is also called, The 949.

It's mostly master-planned communities with little income diversity.
"Dude one: I'm on my way to Doheny and Trestles..

Dude two: No way, South County! My rich Dad lives there!"
by skateNinvestNstocks June 16, 2007
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The most obnoxious highschool known to life. You are either one of the following below.

A. Slut
B. Bro
C. Nerd
D. Wannabe
At parties everyone gets drunk and end up having sex with the person next to them. NBD right? WRONG. you can have fun without doing those things.

Every smokes.
The black people are incredibly loud and obnoxious.

You would hate going to this school.
South County sucks!
by Construction1 July 9, 2011
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The southern half of Sarasota County, Florida, made infamous by a spree of pranks in April 2005, consisting of the name spraypainted on the campuses of multiple high schools in the county. It is differentiated from the northern half of the county by a generally lower socioeconomic status and more rural geography, as well as an older and less-educated population. This distinction came to be a source of pride for some residents of the area, who decried the entitled and materialistic views they claimed were associated with the "North County." Also, the state of being associated with that region; for example, a car repair that is rigged with substandard components could be called "South County."
--"Hey man, do you live in Sarasota?"
--"No, I'm from South County."

--"I fixed my exhaust pipe by wrapping a t-shirt around it. South County!"
by soco05 March 22, 2009
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When an individual relieves their bowels on the back of their partner(s) neck(s). The deposit will then smear down the back and create lubricant for backdoor action.
She/he wanted to try something new, so I introduced her to the South County Canoe.
by Justin April 19, 2004
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A handjob. Usually used around the St. Louis area.
Trent met this ho at this club, and she gave him a South County Handshake in the bathroom.
by theyoneman March 28, 2007
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Contains enough flannel shirts and new era hats to destroy any douchebags heart into a million nike pieces
South County High School, Assholes, Hipsters, Fagbags
by Disliker of hipsters May 19, 2011
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Its a bullshit secondary school. Go to hayfield... it's better
Gay teahers, stupid principals, Fake freinds... and much more. so if ur a douschbag, South County Secondary School is the school for you
by La Truth Tella February 11, 2010
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