Related to Batman, he works at night where he can't be seen, usually seen near dark allyways and dimly lit streets, likes shanking and slappin bitches.
The Blackman is seen in the south and the hood, and likes to do hoodrat things.
by Fruity Ninga, August 6, 2011
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to steal someones money while on a trip then return the money right before the person leaves for home
Nick blackmaned me with my 100 dollar bill
by ham1125 March 23, 2010
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A sexy man who's real name starts with a M. He is a cutie at night and a cutie all day, he is funny and hangs out with mostly latinos and black some white people though.
BlackMan is ultra cute.
by BlackMans defs May 10, 2017
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A Anti drug person that is a total hippie, and looks like/acts like they smoke weed.

You fuckin' blackman
you are a total blackman

by Cj amrtin January 13, 2008
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noun: when your skin turns dark, or darker due to whatever reason. in essence, becoming darker.
After working on my car, I was covered in oil. it looked like i had blackmanitis.
by DarkfireTuMadre September 2, 2008
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The act of hitting someone with several lamps. (Usually happens under alcohol influence.)
"I hate it when Timothy gets drunk. He starts blackmanning all of us, dude."

"All blackmanners are fucking assholes."

"Shit, he blackmanned you good."
by AlfredfromStateFarm February 14, 2017
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when a coloured kid in a playground preforms a dodge or acrobatic skill that requires tremendous skill or physical prowess
that kid has amazing blackman reflexes or look at that black man reflex
by Kyd_Swagger February 17, 2010
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