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The act of leaving a group of people, especially a social event (i.e. business party), without saying good bye to anyone and without anyone detecting your escape.
Clare blackbirded the party by crawling out the window in the bathroom and walking home. Several hours later guests could be heard asking: "Where's Clare?"
by Pop Lambert August 05, 2005
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Black, heavily tuned Porsche 964 Turbo (nicknamed the "BlackBird"), driven by Tatsuya Shima. Jun Kitami, also known as the "Devil's Tuner", is the one that tuned both the Devil Z and the BlackBird.
The BlackBird is undefeated on the highways.
by Usercool April 23, 2006
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1.people who in defiance of the law
2.people who use art as a weapon
4.crazy gang player
6.graffiti gang
they are blackbirds
Look! This is Blackbirds' graffiti, fucking nice!
by mr.rioter November 23, 2008
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1. A type of bird which is all black, often mistaken for a raven
2. A US spyplane which currently holds the record for the highest ceiling and fastest plane ever to fly.
1. Robin: What type of bird is that, Batman?
Batman: That's a blackbird

2. The SR-71 Blackbird took off from the airbase
by Johnny B March 18, 2004
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Gambling term refers to casino $100 black chips. Usually blackbird(s) refers to someone wanting a loan or to borrow money from you when your at the casino.
I was winning a lot of money playing blackjack and my friend kept pestering me to get a couple blackbirds to take over to the craps table.
by TheRealJayZ July 03, 2010
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