In programming, a self-contained, independent subroutine or program module designed to perform a single task; the user has no knowledge of its internal structure but can use it by passing a clearly defined set of input parameters.
That module is a black box. We'll never know how it works; we only know it generates pron.
by blak box October 10, 2003
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A device used by phone phreakers to fool the phone company into giving you free long distance service.

It does this by changing the voltages over the lines to a state where the phone company doesn't monitor and bill.
I use my black box to get free long distance.
by Ebe October 7, 2003
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In transportation, the term black box refers to any of a number of systems designed to collect and preserve data for analysis after an accident, such as a flight data recorder, event recorder, or automotive event data recorder.
After the plane crash, they retrieved the black box to reveal that there was a bug in the flight controls systems that caused the crash.
by Anonymous23985u93 December 24, 2013
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a cable box thing used to get free cable.
i used a black box until it broke... now I'm stuck paying for cable
by 5-STAR October 2, 2003
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(1) derogative term for Secretary of State Condolezza Rice.
(2) derogative term for any professional black female.
by DLBEN February 23, 2008
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the best pussy on earth, black pussy
guy 1: you hit yet
guy 2: hell yea I found the black box
by the blizzard November 22, 2005
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