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a type of beef that comes from a breed of black hornless cows from Scotland
I'll order the black angus steak please.
by Dan April 05, 2004
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The time between Christ’s birth and the beginning of the coronavirus.
In late 2016 AD or 3 B.C.V., Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States of America.
by JDS12 March 27, 2020
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The act of consuming two or more large steaks in one night and then passing out in your grandmother's sweater.
Last night I went totally Black Angus on a couple of T-bones and then passed out in my granny's afghan!
by swiz_2 March 16, 2010
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The act of covering the cranium with fecal matter and running head first into one's spouse or significant others vaginal area.
"Man,I gave Sarah such a black angus last night shes gonna be limping for days."
by Slowhand November 21, 2004
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Term used by the african american to show that they are really "tight"(good friends)
"yo, we black angus", "ya black angus"
by Grisu October 06, 2006
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