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A mostly antiquated term that was used predominately in the U.S. and
Canada refering to people of Irish descent
who have black hair.
Most of the stories about the black Irish are myths. They are just people of Irish descent. Not all Irishmen have red hair and freckles.
by left4ded April 13, 2005
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Some Irish person mistakenly believed to be decended from Spanish Armada Sailors, or Barbary pirates (Sack of Baltimore). More likely decended from Mesolithic Basque people (genetic markers give high indication). Term is used in America but mostly unheard of in Ireland.
Black Irish
by jbirdjbird October 13, 2008
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One who is of irish decent but has dark hair and olive skin. Not always meaning they are also italian
I am 100% irish but i am also black irish
by fhfhfh July 03, 2005
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Moorish blood isn't the same as black, since the people of North Africa are considered Caucasian, and the Gauls who once lived in France and Spain likely had some Moorish blood mixed in small amounts over centuries and centuries before going to Ireland. Its not far fetched to think this could have something to do with some folks having olive skin or almost olive skin. Its the same concept as the Huns and the Germanic people who were said to be from Asia at one time, and migrated. People tend to think of ancestry as recent history, to identify as European/Asian/Middle Eastern/etc., but just like Africa and America were thought to be one land long ago, its likely that there's a little bit of everything in most peoples blood from human migration. Though it has little to do with where the term Black Irish came from, its one thing for someone to claim they're part black, its another thing to say at one time its possible some of your ancestry came from Africa, or Asia, or elsewhere. Not all Africans are black (brown) the same way not all Asians are yellow.
An Irishman with 3rd degree burns isn't even Black Irish. The Black Irish cook a lot longer before they get to be Black Irish.
by Mr. 695-Miffles-bot July 20, 2018
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1)Real Irishmen. Not Blondes or Ginger Snaps with freckles or any garbage like that. Despite popular belief, Black Irish is not from Spain, because the ORIGINAL Celtic inhabitants of the British Isles all had black hair, the Celts being from Gaul (France, hence the language Gaelic) so they had black hair. The only reason why most Scotch-Irish people have blond or red hair and freckles is because of the humungous Viking and Saxon influence. Therefore, Black Irish is the Real Irish. The End.
Ignorant NorthEasterner:"Hey Spick!"

Black Irishman:"I'm not Hispanic a-hole, I'm Irish!"

Ignorant NorthEasterner: "Oh, you don't look like no dirty Mick!"

Black Irishman: "It's called Black Irish you ignorant retard!"
by dhawk123 March 08, 2009
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Full Irish men who have dark black hair instead of the stereotypical red hair and freckles. Origin: in 1600's after the Spanish Armada was obliterated; sailors washed upon the Irish shores, not being able to speak any Gaelic were able to reproduce and had children with black hair.
That little Murphy boy doesn't have hair like his brothers, he is a black Irish, that or his mother's a whore.
by Travis Young June 03, 2007
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