band. Nicholas Neil Diamonds, Alden Ginger, J'aime Tambour and whomever they choose to initiate with secret celestial powers.
The Unicorns exploded into the international indie pop scene after releasing their second cd.
by ugly flower March 11, 2004
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A beautifully amazing indie band.
The Unicorns have made my life into an eternal neon light...which is good.
by Laura March 22, 2005
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Atheists/liberalists and Socialists propaganda and Indoctrination: Unicorn (Rhino) is replaced to be a fairy tale horse with a horn coming out from its head.

U'NICORN, noun Latin unicornis, unus, one, and cornucopia, horn.

1. An animal with one horn; the monocerus. This name is often applied to the rhinoceros.

2. The sea unicorn is a fish of the whale kind, called Narwal, remarkable for a horn growing out at its nose.

3. A fowl . Fossil unicorn or fossil unicorn's horn, a substance used in medicine, a terrine crustaceans spar.
Professor 1: The actual Unicorn is and always will be the Indian Rhinoceros! Excerpt from the Webster's Dictionary of 1826, before the "DUMBING DOWN" of the supposed education system.

Professor 2: I am very well informed of said facts. That's why many of us are quiting the the so-called education system.
by THE-INTELLECTUAL June 14, 2023
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Asian women.

Because they are so magically and majestically beautiful
That Samantha Lee is such a unicorn!
by yborybor98 April 1, 2012
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Word used to refer to rhinoceros a couple houndred years ago.
Today it is the name for horse with horn on its forehead.
The return of the unicorns: the natural history and conservation of the greater one-horned rhinoceros
by spoilded brat with teeth October 25, 2012
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