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The reason I failed school
DUDE, RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 IS SO FUCKING AMAZING. I WAS ON ALL NIGHT AND DIDN’T STUDY FOR THE FINAL. whatever, i still have red dead redemption 2 though.
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by STEPMOMPINGASRRR November 14, 2018

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A mystical creature, that no one has seen. It probably doesn’t exist. Saying a black dad exists, is like saying unicorns and leprechauns are real. It’s crazy!
Jamal: “ay man you eva see a black dad?”

Jovante: “naw man. I’ll see unicorns before I catch one of those things.”
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by STEPMOMPINGASRRR September 14, 2018

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The unstoppable rocket man!
Guy 1 (listening to the Elton John song "rocket man"

Guy 2: that's the Kim Jong un song!

Guy 1: what?

Guy 2: Kim Jong un threatened to nuke us again, he is such a rocket man!
by STEPMOMPINGASRRR January 05, 2018

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The guy who stole your girl.
Me: Who’s Taylor dating?
God: A fuckface named Damon.
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To empty the tank...to let the boys go swimming... I’m talking about jacking your dick ladies and gentlemen. When a man gets backed up, he needs to filter, to get out with the old, and bring in the new. Without filtering you’d get prostate cancer.
I love to filter!!!
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by STEPMOMPINGASRRR December 18, 2018

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Something that should be but sadly isn't :(
Did you see trump's wall?

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Something every one wants/needs, but nobody has.
Damn man I need some money!!!
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by STEPMOMPINGASRRR November 24, 2018

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