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typically, a black girl sporting blonde hair. usually a weave.
also try, beyonce
all these r&b and hip hop female artist are rocking the blonde hair.. what's with the black blondes??? is this suppose to be a fad?
by Patrick Joel February 11, 2008
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Typically a black girl raised in the suburbs but knows nothing about the hood or hood niggas in general. She takes on all traits & favorite aspects of her white counterparts including: Starbucks, Giving head, Watching "Friends", and listening to "Flo'rida, Can't hold an argument or make a valid point without sounding like a "Valley Girl". Like's black guys but usually only the Nerdy ones. Loves White guys that talk,dress and act hood but won't actually give a black guy from the inner city a chance.
Bro why you stop fucking with ol girl? Man she's a black blonde bro! I thought she was smart until she opened her mouth and started talking and acting like "Stacy Dash"
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