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When a celebrity has a no-nudity contract and uses body doubles for any nude scenes. Dervived from Alicia Silverstone who likes to cock tease but says she will never ever get naked.
Lamer Why wont that celeb do nude scenes?
Loser Cause she's a total Silverstone, dumb-ass.
by <insert> October 2, 2004
A celebrity, know for her awesome rack.
God-damn, Jennifer Love-Hewitt has a nice rack on her!
by <insert> October 1, 2004
A type of webcam chick who strips down to her panties, but no further.
She's shakin' that thong-clad ass.
by <insert> October 2, 2004
Poor girl who becomes very rich and famouse overnight. If you have zero talent, then a great ass is all you need. Derived from Jennifer Lopez who has the best ass in pop.
Jennifer Lopez had a little, now she has a lot.
by <insert> October 2, 2004
Blonde British porn star who is a really dirty bitch. Famous for black on blonde sex, usually in a gangbang fuckfest style and sucking cock after she's had anal (known in the trade as ATM). A true filthy slut.
Angel Long: "Yes! fuck me in my ass!"
by <insert> October 22, 2004
A girl who cock teases via her webcam. Giving the illusion that she'll show herself naked, but ultimately never does.
Laura liked to strip down to her thong but no further on her webcam.
by <insert> October 2, 2004