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Someone who goes out of their way to make everyone around him/her as miserable as possible.
"Do you always have to shit on my good news? You're such a bitch-troll."
by bettie May 07, 2005
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A bitch troll from hell, dont talk to her. Verbal communication results in internal hemmoraging and chlamidia. Avoid at all cost or else a bible will get shoved up somewhere you may not like. No me Gusta... She has a history of burning people at the stake and stealing their children for her army of bitch trolls. She was indirectly involved as a cause of the "flood of 2010" and may be the cause of the impending apocolypse. She is proven to be one of the many anti-christ walking the planet at this point in time. The best way to eliminate her if you may cross paths with her is to tell her she is beautiful and then stab her in the heart with a tooth brush that as been used by a flagrant homosexual, pagans work just as well but you may want to spend the extra time finding a gay. The results of this is her immediately bursting into flames and reducing to ashes. Collect the ashes if you want to perform a Satanic ritual, the ashes can be used for many rituals. Warning: She does come back from the dead.
You are a Bitch-Troll. Thats something Bitch-Troll would do. You look like a Bitch-Troll. That was so Bitch-Troll of you. I was walking in the mall and this Bitch-Troll stole my child. I watched a Bitch-Troll go on strike against gay marriage, that bitch...
by Twist Shiondevick April 03, 2010
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