I asked the pastor about love and he told me to leave it to God. To not feel alone, that being alone was better than living in a fantasy.

I asked an artist about love at first sight, he said it was a mistake. That it's the stuff of novels. Without love in life, one must be more realistic.

I asked a gentleman about love and he told me that to ignore it would be best. That I was young and that money should be most important than a thousand loves.

I asked an elderly in a very remote place about love and passion. He told me that life was like a double edged glass, it cuts and hangs by a string.

I asked my father about love and innocence, about faith and patience and you know what he said, "Son it's always better to ignore the heart and listen to your conscience."

I asked my mother about the love that I had; she said it was my imagination. That if I did not believe her, in time I would see that she is right.

And now that I don't have you, I think of all the time lost that I spent on you, because by loving you blindly I didn't listen and I threw myself into a void of love. Everyone warned me that some flowers out there have thorns.
I was blinded by love by a beautiful woman.
by Mr Chicago September 14, 2009
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being in love with someone based on their personality, rather than looks.
"Dude she's so ugly!"
"Well we have a blind love"
by jraecool98 March 4, 2012
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When a man during sex blind folds his partner with his balls by placing them above their eyes and then shits in their mouth.
"Babe if you really love me, you'll let me try the blind fold of LOVE"
by God Love Ugly September 7, 2008
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