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probably the sweetest person you will ever meet. Chynnas are a beautiful girl. Sometimes chunky, but beautiful, even on the outside. Chynnas can be any race! most common with black. But white Chynnas are beautiful, funny and amazing. everyone should make friends with a Chynna! Chynnas also make amazing friends and girlfriends!
Dude 1: WOW!! See that Chynna over there?
Dude 2: I heard she'd make an amazing girlfriend! Lets go talk to her
by pseudonymhater October 04, 2012
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A kind hearted, misunderstood person. She tries her best to be a good friend, and be there for those in need. She's really funny and enjoys making others laugh! If you have a Chynna as a friend you are in luck! People tend to pick on Chynna but she does her best to show she doesn't care.
"You're friends with Chynna?.. lucky!"
" Yeah she's really kind"
by Xgxgxgcgchhshsghw December 21, 2018
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Chynnas are generally chunky. They are beautiful and not beautiful for a big girl just beautiful! They have the kindest soul and will love you with every fiber of their being. Chynnas are usually black but come in any race. Don’t test her cause they have a hair trigger temper, but if you took her there you deserved it. They make wonderful girlfriends and beautiful babies. A woman with this name is meant to be successful.
What’s shorty name she beautiful, that’s Chynna
by Chunkeechick26 June 03, 2018
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A gorgeous girl who turns heads every time she walks into a room. She does not realize how beautiful she is. She is the most compassionate person you will ever meet, and she changes every person's life when she meets them. She truly is special.
Oh my god, I need to take that girl stargazing, she is exactly like a Chynna.
by Jiggy_nigga November 07, 2018
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