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While a woman is lying on her back you straddle her chest and stick your cock in her mouth. As she's choking on your wang you stick your balls in between her tits and jiggle her b3wbs which massages your nuts.
Jill had such big knockers that I had to give her the chestnuts.
by yannimyfanny March 11, 2008

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The manner in which a mentally retarded person walks, blending the acts of shuffling and waddling.
Look at Doug go! He's got such a tard swaddle.
by yannimyfanny March 11, 2008

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1. An unusually hot woman who is really fucking annoying, insipid and stupid. The only reason you associate with them is because you're either fucking them or plan to fuck them.

2. The recipient of a cock slap.

1. Howard: That dumb cunt Lisa thinks God is real and likes Michael Bay movies, how can you not release your cobra fury and punch her in the vagina?

Artie: I hate the bitch too, but have you seen the ass on her? If I weren't fucking her there's no doubt that she'd be in a hefty bag off route-9. What can I say? She makes for a good penis punching bag. Besides I've stretched her twat so much that if I were to punch her in the vag my hand would get stuck. I'm hung like a gorilla.

2. Sal: Why do you have a black eye?

Richard: Gary pulled his pants down and smacked me in the face with his cock. Then he called me his penis punching bag and told me to hop in a clothes dryer with Magic Johnson and some razor blades and said for me to get AIDS.
by yannimyfanny December 27, 2008

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The tits of a female dog.
My dog was barking so I kicked her in her bitch tits.
by yannimyfanny March 11, 2008

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An obese drug addict that had an unusually fat ass considering he liked to gyrate his hips a lot. He stole rock from all of the little afro-babies. He's also known for covering The Beatles songs by shoving a microphone in his shit box after he ate a bunch of Mexican food, he'd then hover over the mixer and hit 'record' while the original song was playing in the background. His on-stage attire can be best described as that of a faggot Bruce Lee jumpsuit with sparkly tigers on it. There's also a misconception regarding the oversized. gold-plated rims on his glasses. They were not intended to be a fashion statement, they were simply in proportion to the massive frames constructed to house his fat-fuck head. He died on the crapper while taking a massive shit that was a mixture of barbiturates, booze and fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

There's also another obese musician that shares the same forename, Elvis Costello. Though he hasn't died on the shitter.
If Elvis Presley is the King of Rock n Roll, then Chuck Berry IS Rock n Roll
by yannimyfanny December 20, 2008

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