Ahhh... sagging tits. So you find yourself here searching for a definition of saggy tits, eh chap? Well, it should be obvious, but let's consider...there are many types of saggy tits. A Very scientific measurement of saggy tits is the pencil test. If a chick can hold a pencil under her tit using no hands, the writing utensil held only by the weight and flap of her udder, she fails the pencil test, thus having saggy tits. Bear in mind, there are many levels of saggy, and just because a chick can hold a pencil with her tit, doesn't make her unbangable. Actually, a soft, supple pair of tits, from a handful to beyond is far more desirable than hard nubby barely theres. Way better for titty fucking, and they bounce and jiggle quite nicely.
"Bro... shes hot n all, but... saggy titties much??"

"Dude, best titty fuck ever, and do they bounceee!!!!"
by amorphusdorkus July 1, 2014
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Very droopy, saggy nipples that hang exceedingly lower than the 3rd to last rib.
Ms. Jones has some saggy titties.
by BatonBeater November 16, 2007
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a disgusting beverage that reminds you of sucking forth from old salty tits involving strong alcohol. : 1 part bacardi, 1 part Hawaiian punch
Dude i dont give a fuck what you mixed with it, it will always be saggy titties to me.
by junior jay April 25, 2011
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Jacob saggy titties
by Siria October 11, 2020
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The saggy titty theory Is the correlation between a females (or male if ur into fat fucks) saggy breasts and horrible blow jobs. Nothing ruins a blowjob more than looking down and seeing her tits touch the floor because the are saggy.
The saggy titty theory is so true! My dick went limp as soon as i saw those nasty repulsive saggy tits!
by black dick whisperer December 21, 2017
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-saggy just how I like them
- when ur nan is old and her titties have no support anymore, a balcony bra can be helpful
-often said by wannabe roadgyal and roadmen
Person - what's the answer to question one?
by YEEHAW17172782 July 8, 2019
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