the act of cussing out an idiot or whore while intoxicated
I'm so pissed at that whore. I'm about to bitch in the face if she doesn't back the fuck up off my man.
by Woo Girl November 24, 2009
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A woman, usually blonde, who is just generally the female form of satan.
I saw bitch whore cunt face being up babies at the mall today.
by peepeepants03 February 6, 2015
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Any person whose face makes them seem like they're a bitch.
Person A: @*$!3Y looks like such a bitch.
Person B: No, shes not. Her face just looks like that, she has a bitch face. Shes actually really nice.
by Webster292929 December 4, 2008
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The act of swinging your head across someone else's face.
Dude #1: You must be Richard Simmons.
Dude #2: *Bitch faced Dude #1*.
Dude #1: Screw you, man! Ouch!
by TheCanadianAsian August 25, 2009
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a man/women you wanna just punch straight in the face and you cant because you'll be judged
by smiling headshot November 5, 2018
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Person 1 :She looks stuck up why she always look mad Person 2: she just got a bitch face shes actually really nice though
by Queen_jayyy August 15, 2020
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