its just your 'normal' expression when you're spacing out or not doing anything in particular.
Willa "Wow you have weird resting face!"
Derp Face "thanks? you have a bitch resting face"
by Rainbow-Serpent January 24, 2015
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A bitchy alternative to the usual blank look most people have. This is a condition affecting the facial muscles, suffered by millions of women worldwide. People suffering from bitchy resting face (BRF) have the tendency look hostile and/or judgemental at rest. Their expression does not necessarily reflect how they are feeling inside. BRF can ruin friendships and first impressions, start fights and kill an atmosphere.
"I think Deborah hates me!!", "Nah don't worry Susie, she just has a nasty bitchy resting face"

"That customer just lectured me on customer service and threatened to take her business elsewhere! What did I do wrong?" "Prob just your BRF".
by Loobergs July 4, 2013
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The male alternative to bitchy resting face. When a guy rests his face and naturally looks like he's pissed off, angry, or an asshole. He may or may not actually be an asshole, but the way his facial muscles sit make him look like one.
"You look like a really pissed off and angry asshole."
"I'm not, I just suffer from asshole resting face."
by Gingy1992 August 4, 2014
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The opposite of resting bitch face. When someone's passive expression is so awesome that it can only be described as bitchin'.
Guy: Who's that girl, is she a supermodel?
Other guy: No she just has a bitchin' rest face.
by Romeo Bravo February 9, 2017
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Also know a HRF. A condition when ones face is in a permanent state of anger, disgust, or irritation when in the resting position. Although this may not reflect the true feelings or attitude of the person, they may appear as unapproachable.
Girl: Mom, why are you so angry, whats wrong??
Mom: Nothing... why?
Dad: Don't you realize your mother has a Hostile Resting Face (HRF)??

Whats wrong with that guy?
Nothing really, he just has a Hostile Resting Face
by J-DiggityDog January 25, 2014
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When a womans face looks like shes pissed off when really, she can be as happy as ever. Also her face can make her appear as a total bitch.
"I dont like the girl ilymorgannn. She looks like a total bitch."...... " She just has a bitchy resting face, shes actually perfect in all ways "
by idkimjustaboredgirll December 18, 2013
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When a woman's default, or neutral, facial expression is rather bitchy and mean looking in nature. She can be happy, nice and even in a great mood, but she'll still have that look. They can't help it.

People would usually think that women with the BRF syndrome hate them or something, even though they don't. So don't ever think that - 99% of them may love you even.

Older women are the worst offenders when it comes to this syndrome.
- Oh my God, what is up with Flora? Just saw her today and she was giving me and my family the ugly look.

- Nah don't worry, she has the case of the bitchy resting face syndrome. That's how they naturally look when they're at a neutral expression.

Next day:

- Fucking Flora...why did she give us that ugly bitchy face aga......


Day 3:

- Have you heard about Flora giving people ugly faces? Wonder why?

- *sigh*
by avialae December 23, 2013
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