Usually used as the first or last part of an insult, "Bitch Ass" is usually the slang term of "Bitch" and "Asshole", or, as a second slang term, it can be used to describe a person as a Bitch's Ass.

The word originates from prison slang, in which it was used to describe an inmates bitch.
"Man, look at this bitch ass punk, running around like a jit."

"What did the bitch ass say about me?"

"Man, you ugly. Bitch ass.*
by Squirrel_Live May 25, 2019
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Someone who cannot hold their anger in, or is very crude.
Lesleigh: Hey, how are you?

Bryan: Don't talk to me.

Lesleigh: Fine, bitch ass.
by ScoutyBear November 30, 2011
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someone who gets on your nerves badly
"What a bitchass"
"stupid bitchass mofo"
"get the hell away from me bitchass"
by kara December 16, 2003
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The word usually used by an olivia. To describe an annoying situation or person. Can also be used as a joke, a frustration, when your sad, happy, or in between. No matter how your feeling, bitchass is always there for you!
β€œBitchass!!” Said olivia

β€œBitchass.” Sighed Rachel

β€œbitachase?” Said that one kid who can’t even pronounce the word β€œthe.”
by Animal power December 04, 2018
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Someone/something who is afraid to do something. A real pain in the ass. They don't like taking chances and to just go for it. People/things who swim up stream and can't just go with the flow.
"Quit being such a bitch ass and do it!"

"Ah man what a bitch ass!"

"My car is being a real bitch ass."
by amerika5889 September 30, 2009
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to basically be a pussy, to be a bitch.. umm to bac out on something or not be down(:
mann, your such a bitch ass

quit being a btich ass and fight me!
by &roni; hollaaa(: April 12, 2009
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