adj. having a ass that is very bitch like
Bob looks like such a bitch ass in those tight ass jeans
by dop3 April 5, 2010
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Someone who is a punk.

A bitch that is an ass.
Boy1: I wasn't even scared.
Boy2: Shut yo bitch ass up!

Man you a bitch ass nigga!
by Benard G. October 23, 2013
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A baby's daddy who is nothing but a sperm donor, shameful man who still tries to get things from you even though you havent been together in years...and has a new girl.
"Bitch ass is on the phone for you, he wants to borrow your car..."
by ChaCha21 June 18, 2008
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A kid who is a bitch and you hate him,
used to describe them.
I really want to kick the fuckin' shit out of that kid's bitch ass.
by irishmoron May 18, 2005
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anyone who makes you angry when they are ignoring you or just being themselves
dude that teacher is such a bitch ass she gave me a zero on a test.
by ca-ca-caledonia April 9, 2005
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refering to men who ditch their friends for their girl friends.
Bruce's friends were disappointed when he was being a bitch ass, he ditched his friend's party to go to the movies with his girlfriend.
by tar tar December 21, 2005
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