Usually used as the first or last part of an insult, "Bitch Ass" is usually the slang term of "Bitch" and "Asshole", or, as a second slang term, it can be used to describe a person as a Bitch's Ass.

The word originates from prison slang, in which it was used to describe an inmates bitch.
"Man, look at this bitch ass punk, running around like a jit."

"What did the bitch ass say about me?"

"Man, you ugly. Bitch ass.*
by Squirrel_Live May 25, 2019
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Someone who cannot hold their anger in, or is very crude.
Lesleigh: Hey, how are you?

Bryan: Don't talk to me.

Lesleigh: Fine, bitch ass.
by ScoutyBear December 1, 2011
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Someone/something who is afraid to do something. A real pain in the ass. They don't like taking chances and to just go for it. People/things who swim up stream and can't just go with the flow.
"Quit being such a bitch ass and do it!"

"Ah man what a bitch ass!"

"My car is being a real bitch ass."
by amerika5889 October 1, 2009
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a rude,disrespectfull or insulting person.
Why did you give her my phone number you bitch ass bitch?
by kyle January 21, 2004
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I name called to guys who act like bitches and who aren't REAL.
by Crazyjs2131 October 23, 2015
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(1.Noun) A wimpy male who complains a lot.

(2.Adjective) An unusually feminine ass on a male.
-Bob: “I don’t want to go there, it’s scary when it’s dark” He said, trembling.
-Fred: “God, your such a bitch ass, just do it.” He said as he patted him on the back.

-Cecil: “Damn, that boy’s got a great ass. I thought he was a chick! You thinking what I’m thinking?” He said in the prison cafeteria.
-Herman: “Bro, I’ll hold his arms, he’s easy prey. We’re gonna get at his bitch ass right here in front of everyone.” He said as he grabbed the boy’s voluptuous butt.
by Big Body Tyrone March 18, 2021
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