Someone who gets on your nerves and says stupid shit.
Kalyn is a total bitchass.
by PooPNuGgeT November 05, 2008
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1. Term of endearment, A combination of 2 such horrible words that the bad cancels out and it can only mean 'love'

2. Can be rhymed with any word thereafter to heighten the affection
1. "Hello bitchass lovey love"

2. "Shut your bitchass witchass"
by EO January 26, 2005
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A rude combination of swears that is used to describe someone that is a bitch and an asshole. This is used when you think someone is both of these things but you don't wanna waste your breath on them so you combine the words.
Girl: OMG you're such a whore!
You: Well you're a slutty little bitch-ass!
by ur basic idiot June 17, 2019
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A popular southern Californian term coined by high schoolers. The word started at CAMS high school and spread throughout So-Cal. It essentially is a replacement for dumbass, but it has more uses. For example, your friend won’t let you copy his homework:
“Gimme your homework, bitchass.”
Ey yo bitchass”
“Hey what’s up bitchass”
by Chrispy._.nuggers February 20, 2018
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I name called to guys who act like bitches and who aren't REAL.
by Crazyjs2131 October 22, 2015
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You look like a bitch ass and whoever reads this just remember your a bitch ass
by HungryPiglet October 26, 2019
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