A pink dinosaur with a bow, originating from Mario Bros. 2. Birdo is actually a guy, as stated from the instruction manual.
Dammit, I'm always stuck with birdo and Waluigi in Double Dash!
by Mark February 17, 2005
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A creature that defies definition. Reputed bitch of Yoshi.
Birdo: Oh noes, I am currently experiencing an identity crisis.
Yoshi: STFU. Go make me a sammich, Bitcho!
by jgthomas January 11, 2007
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The first video game transsexual, as said on G-4's X-Play.
Tim: What is Birdo?

Jane: Oh, he is a transsexual.
by Voltron! March 12, 2008
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The pink Yoshi-like creaTure in Mario games. Can spit eggs and is apparently having an affair with Yoshi.
Both Birdo and Yoshi can produce their own eggs, so they are hemaphrodites.
by The All-Knower December 28, 2005
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One of the more disturbing characthers from the world of nintendo Mario. S/he is a possibly female yoshi sporting a pink bow-tie, too much mascara, and a maybe fake beauty mark. Also, eggs come out his/her.... mouth?
Birdo was in Super Mario Advance, but dont rush out and get it.
by mascott August 3, 2005
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Birdo is a transfemme character in the super mario series. She is often mistaken for male though she is canonically female (mtf)
Brian: "Birdo is not trans, he is a man!"
Alice: "Either Birdo is trans or Yoshi is gay"
by UFOLOGY August 15, 2022
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Like doggo, but for birds.
Example 1: “That’s one cute birdo you got there, Bill.”

Example 2: “That birdo got into the trash again!!”

by DarkHumoredLilly June 25, 2018
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