a spoiled, fat bitch

Can also be used as a verb
Dude 1: Man, she's so spoiled!
Dude 2: yeah, she's such a pink dinosaur


Dude 1: Hey, i totally pink dinosaured my parents until they got me the tv i wanted!
Dude 2: Yeah, i pink dinosaured my girlfriend utnil she got sick of me and left...oh.
by lala23fjls April 17, 2008
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1) A Song from DDR 4th Mix
2) A Penis
1) Pink Little Dinosaur is an awsome song.
2) Jill likes to suck Jacks Pink Little Dinosaur
by sowhatman973 July 28, 2003
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"Grandma's Pink Dinosaur" has definitely gotta be euphemism for something...
Yeah its gotta be your your grandpa's dick
by GrandmasPinkDinosaur November 10, 2019
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