Sylees look nice and may seem nice at first but will stab you in the back faster than anyone
Person 1: Oh she seems nice but I dont know

Person 2: She must be a sylee. ugh!
by That Bitch sylee stabbed December 1, 2019
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Sylee is a smart and funny person. She will bring joy and happiness wherever she goes
Sylee has a mother.
by Cade Brown November 5, 2019
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acting as a verb to define a very cool, unique action.
Wow, you just jumped off a bridge and did a triple summersault into the ocean! That is very court style!
by Courtney April 6, 2005
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He is the most handsome and most charming man you'll ever lay your eyes on. His smile will just take your breath away. He might think that his eyes are a little big but to everyone else he is absolutely magnificent 🦉. He thinks he can hide from the world but when he walks into the club everyone stares at him, he thinks that everyone is judging him because he drinks too much but in reality he is just to sexy to the point it's hard to take your eyes off him 😋🥃. Syle will always be the most charming guy you'll ever lay your eyes on, he is truly amazing, he is one of a kind, a blessing from heaven that no one deserves to be able to call him there's.
That girl is dating Syle, she will never deserve him but you can tell she is so greatful to even be able to look at him and tell him she loves him.
by Swordguru August 21, 2019
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