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Male who is so passionate about bird-spotting her will rush anywhere in the UK at a moment's notice just to see some rare bird.

See also: trainspotter
"We got to the gig only to find that the car-park was full of bloody twitchers looking for some fr*ggin' cuckoo."
by Nupe January 06, 2004
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A gaming term to describe someone who plays games that typically involve very fast paced action and require excellent reaction times to master.

Classic arcade games such as Missile Command and Defender require quick reflexes. Unreal Tournament and Quake are more contempory examples.

Typically with these games, you have little time to think. Some players will be operating purely on instinct. The rapid movements they make is where the name comes from. The player will be twitching as they operate the controls.
John: Damn, I thought I was good at Tekken and then I played that Japanese kid.
Sally: He doesn't do anything but drink Jolt Cola, play that game and sleep. He's a twitcher.
by Thepreacher August 14, 2006
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One who skillfully complains about a product or service via Twitter to solicit faster resolution from companies anxious to please connected consumers.
Did you hear about the Twitcher who convinced his mobile carrier to remove his overage penalties by tweeting negatively about his unjust bill to his friends?
by Txjayhawk April 26, 2011
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When a fully grown man says he has a vagina and when you turn round he has forced ball n all through his legs just leaving his pubic region visible, we all laugh.
If he were then to turn round, open his legs and force his penis back in the opposite to natural direction (his genitals would now be upside down,balls on top) and repeat in quick succession. His manhood would be twitching and therefore making him a Twitcher.
" Go on Pie, do your twitcher you fat flatulent bastard"
by Jebusmoore November 05, 2007
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When you're a hardcore camper and never get out of the same place just so you can get kills.
Noob: OMG! You're such a camper!

Twitcher: Nahh, I'm a Twitcher.
by CodenameXavier July 14, 2011
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Describes both an angry man and a nervous man at both the same time.

When talking to a twitcher they typically like to turn simple task into awkward task.

Twitchers feel threatened by kids
Friend: Why is he staring at me with so much anger??

Me: He’s just a twitcher
by Take the weather May 24, 2018
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