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A very cool program which allows you to create most objects and see them in a 3D universe. You can also animate models and mess around with cameras. Most films and games use 3DS Max for one purpose or another.

The game "Tomb Raider" was created just in 3DS Max
Kay - "Yea, and we get to create naked female models in 3Ds Max!!1"
Cam - "Ohhh, I am telling Mum!"
Kay - "Ohh no, I mean create naked male bodys!"
Cam - "What the fu...!"
Kay -"wtf nooooo!"
by cc2k September 16, 2009
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An act of killing a Bird (any type of bird - Eagle, Seagull, Pigeon) in any way (Hitting it with a car, Making it explode, Kicking it) with the intent of killing and to ends its life. For the Human definition see murder
A bird was found dead today, police suspect birder.
by cc2k September 26, 2009
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A sandwich which consists of egg, bacon, sausage and cheese on toastes bread.
james created a manwich and I had a mouthgasm
by cc2k January 15, 2010
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A "big-boned" person who likes to eat KFC all the time and have multiple chins. Also likes to suck the boaby and lollypops. Likes fish and prawns. Also is a big rpg fan and plays wow a lot and spends more time playing that than dressing up as his girlfriend.

Also a character in the "Ocean" film series.
Fred - "Oh look, theres Rusty, plodding along"

Jim - "Think we could push him up the stairs?"

Fred - "I dunno, he might flatten us"
by cc2k February 16, 2010
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A women who works at a Food store who is in charge of magazines. Normally disobays orders and likes to get on peoples nerves. Earned the nickname "Flappy" due to an unknown reason.

She should not work there as she is a vital part of a ongoing joke against another co-worker who she works under.
Person 1 - "Ohh, look who it is, Rae"

Person 2 - "Ohh no"

Person 1 - "Flappy Flappy, get the porno mags out!"
by cc2k March 30, 2009
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