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"He may be nice, but he's kind of a bimbro, don't you think?"
by 92943945 January 03, 2012
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n. a dim male (usually of youth) who behaves unwisely and/or acts somewhat promiscuously. A bimbro believes he possesses 'swag' and thus justifies his own stupid actions
I can't believe she dated that bimbro.

Why do I only ever seem to date bimbros?
by Lolabelle2394 October 02, 2012
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a bro who's also a boy bimbo (aka a himbo)

y'know - kinda pretty, kinda dumb, kinda bro-ish
That kid thinks he's a hot shit hipster pretty boy but underneath it all he's still a total bro.
by leah April 18, 2005
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A close guy friend who a male version of a bimbo. Buys so much materialistic shit to try to make girls pussy's wet.
"Yo, did you see Michael's new car?"
"Yeah dude, he's such a bimbro... He's trying to impress the girl from the club last night."
by UrbanDKing March 07, 2017
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An obnoxious group made up of immature, predominately white, hetero, cisgendered, bimbos and bros.
Jackie: "Why are all those girls with their tits hanging out and those fuckboys rubbing one on them just standing around while that gross EDM is playing."

Jenny : "Told you we should have passed on this event, haven't you learnt your lesson. You should know by now it's usually a bimbros party when it's eighteen and over at the door."
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by FromTheTower May 10, 2018
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