Any person who owns a combonation of the following: poor spelling, bad typing, small penis, green hemmorhoids, tongue hair, lisp, humped back. Usually referred to by society as "freak". Is sometimes called by the nickname "bitch" followed by a whistle and a throwing of a stick.
"Hey look, it's a Biggo." "Come here bitch!" *whistle* *toss stick*
by J December 15, 2004
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Probably the fattest ball of lard you could ever see walking on 2 feet. A biggo can't see their penis and never will be able to and would cause your eyes to rupture and fall out if you saw one naked. Extremely short tempered and causes a fucking earthquake when they fall over.
A biggo looks a bit like the girl on 'Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' that puffs up like a blueberry, after she puffed up.
by bens mother May 06, 2006
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