An awesome girl who has a great personality, and super cute. She is trill. She thinks bad of herself sometimes, even though she shouldn't because she is amazing. She is there when you need her and always optimistic when you need her. She always aims to get on peoples good side, and usually does. She is insecure when she shouldn't be because there is nothing she should be insecure about. Even if she makes mistakes, which she rarely does, she learns from them. She is everything you want in a friend and a girlfriend. She is forgiving, caring, and understanding. She works super hard and will try her best when it truly matters. She is someone who deserves more than what she is given and told. But even through all that she tries to live a happy life with her family and her friends.
Person 1: Who is that fine girl over there?

Person 2: Oh that's my girl, Corina
by PersianBoyGetsPaper June 20, 2013
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A beautiful burnett latina with brilliant brown eyes. Has a nice body. Has fully juicy lips. Sexy legs. loves to be held and cuddle. Will make your world sin around. Easy to love. Very stubborn and determined. Loves to play around. Loves to be your special girl. The one you go to for advice and will listen to you. will always be there. loyal to the one they love. An easy person to trust will never betray you no matter what. Loves to try new things and positions. ;) Easy to get allong with, but once pissed off will flip out. doesnt take crap. will fight for what they believe.
boy1: "dude. . . .did you see that girl?!'
boy2:"yeah. . . . .dude she si so....Corina"
by bbyy1234 January 24, 2010
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Person with the most beautifulest eyes. They tend to range from light blue to partly green. Once a person looks into them they can't stop. The most wonderful person in the world kind to friends and nice to everyone. The person you want in your world to keep as your own, but only persons world were you can't have a permanent home. Even though you are a frequent visitor. The person you look for assurance. The only person you can stay up all night talking about fish and just making faces with. The person you long to hold in your arms but will never be able to. The person that makes you world stay in orbit. The person with eyes of calming fire!
1.person 1 hey did you see Corina?
fighter were?
person 1 in the sky!
Fighter really!(looks with enthusiasm)

2. you have the eyes of a Corina

3. Those eyes...
by Fighterzero June 15, 2009
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You will know she's a corina when you see her. She will be beautiful and enchanting at first sight. You won't ever let her go even if difficult situations arose. A corina would fight to keep you around if she wants to see where things will go, and in the end, she'll have you fighting for her, and you will love every second of it. A corina is gorgeous in every sense; you will adore a corina in every sense as well. Why? You will know you can't treat her badly, so you will treat her like a princess, and you are her crown. A corina to you would be a woman that you want always to be happy, and if that happiness ever falters, you will dig deep into your heart and be able to pull out something that she'll absolutely love and adore, and all will be forgiven -- however bad it is.

To you, a corina is the girl that won't give up on loving you, and she won't let you give up on loving her. She'll want to be with you regardless of how hard it is or how long it may take to be together.

You can sum up a corina as the most beautiful, attractive woman that you will do anything to be with. Simple. Love it.
If I see her, I'd want her to be a corina!
by sudonemo June 25, 2010
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A Corina is someone who caught your eye but who you could never talk to. But somehow she removes the shyness in you and gives you the courage to go up and talk to her. It almost feels like your body and your mouth move by themselves. Her voice is different from the others and her long brown hair is hard to define. She sometimes snorts when she laughs too hard and it somehow ends up being cute since it's followed up by an embarrassed giggle. Corina is usually athletic and ambitious and tries to be the best in everything she does. She is very self-aware of how she can sometimes go overboard with her competitiveness but it's a unique trait that most people envy. She thinks people have a hard time getting along with her and it's not true as long as she opens up to them, because inside she's a very funny and warm person. She makes you want to elevate yourself, making yourself do things you'd never do just to rise up to be her equal. Like going on 5 am runs in Mid-Februrary because she told you she gets up at 4:45 to go to tennis practice. When you meet someone like her, everything changes. It almost feels like God wanted you to meet her, as if it was all never a coincidence. Even if you don't talk to her anymore, she's someone you could never forget and any girl you meet in the future, you'd end up comparing to Corina, and feeling disappointed nothing is the same anymore because of your mistakes.
Hey do you know Corina? I think I fell for her.

Hey do you still like that Corina girl? It's been 7 months since you met her.
by rafa2014 September 19, 2020
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She’s the most amazing girl you’ll ever meet. If your the guy she picked oh boy ur a lucky guy. She will love you with all ur heart, make u feel amazing, and when it comes to sex is the wildest.
“Did you hear that Corina and her boyfriend totally did it after their date yesterday??”
“Corina is the best honestly
by Boston13 July 9, 2018
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A corina is bubbly girl with an amazing personality who most people love although a weido that is what she is known & loved for. Corina is a creative person who enjoys expressing herself, loud, kind & polite a corina is there to help others a good friend cares about others as well as their selves.

A corina however is known to be a whore,slut n slag who dosent tend to do well in relationships they are a brilliant person but just get used by people or bash'n'dashed.
Girl 1: gosh corina's such a slut but you gotta love her for it she's lovely

Boy: ye I heard she's easy n a good fuck that true
Girl 2: ye she easy but she deserves someone good

Boy: oh okay
by florence palmer November 23, 2011
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