1. When you understand someone fully and clearly and you don't need any of their further explanation.
Tyler: Hey, dude. Did you know that I saw Carrie leaving my house party with Drew?

Ronald: Oh, really? Say less; I'm going to have a real, long talk with her.
by Satireee April 23, 2011
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It means that someone says something good that you are excited about.
Jack: Yo dude I bought you some ice cream.
Sam: Say less!


Parent: We're going to Disneyland for Christmas!
You: Say less!
by laneybeau November 27, 2019
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The retarded tik-tok version of "Say No More"
Tiktok scum 1: I need my cock sucked, produce what i neeeeeeddddd bay beh

Tiktok scum 2: Say less dada!
by Diverse Thinker October 19, 2021
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When you’re flirting with someone and they make a comment about doing something sexual.
A: Hey you wanna suck me off later
B: say less
by Annathespanner October 10, 2020
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Something that arrogant, asshole pricks say when they've been proven to be wrong.
him: weren't you supposed to pick up my shift this morning?

me: no, I told you I couldn't when you asked me and you said, "well, it's posted"

him: say less
by pleasedontaskme March 11, 2017
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Say less is a word that is used to say " ok" or "thank you" the way you want to pronounce it is Saylesssss like silessss .
Muhammed: May you please tie my shoes?
Malia:Sure thing
Muhammad: say lessss (thank you)
Malia: No problem
by Happy shit November 12, 2018
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