crucial, Being of vital or central importance
Its pivotal location has also exposed it to periodic invasions” (Henry A. Kissinger).
by LatinGuy March 12, 2008
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The precise way to bring a couch up a flight of stairs.
Chandler- SHUT UP
by Bughead is superior February 28, 2018
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turn (spin) around on the spot - or turn from a central point
On Friends, when Ross, Rachel & Chandler are taking the couch upstairs
by the_devil_4rom_hell July 30, 2008
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A pivot is where a start-up company decides to switch direction in how they make their revenue. This is often after their first plan results in failure. Pivot as relates to entrepreneurship.
The yellow widget drew two dollars in sales, so the company did a pivot and decided to sell the pink widgets.
by DJmeems April 9, 2011
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When someone fixes excel file data to be pivot table ready.
"Hey - can you pivotize this report? I can't sort through all this shit..."
by groovenick September 1, 2011
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To manipulate somebody into doing something, by telling them that they do not want to do it.
I know what you are doing guys! You are pivoting me into singing it. And I don't do jingles!
by yamakasy October 20, 2013
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Used by the media to explain how politicians often say crazy things to appeal to their base during a primary, and then adopt more moderate attitudes once they win their party's nomination. More generally, it's a euphemism for lying or any behavior which upsets our basic expectations of the social contract.
Mitt Romney pivoted on every major issue during the debate.

When Fabrizio slept with all those hookers in Bangkok, he pivoted on his wedding vow to be "faithful and true til death do us part."

During the Srebrenica massacre, the Serbian army pivoted on the position that slaughtering thousands of unarmed and defenseless civilians is a shitty thing to do.
by Ransomer October 9, 2012
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