a bad thing that some people say is happening to them, when in fact they themselves are racist. racism is not a good thing and it never will be. i am from the south and it runs rampant between both blacks and whites, also alot of reverse racism goes around because people dont want to be seen as racist.

here are the two main sides of racism

racist black man:fuckin cracker ass white man trying to bring me down!!all the white man is is a pig! a fuckin pig that wants too rule me! i aint your slave no more!

racist white man: all these damn ignorant niggers 'round here think they are hot shit, filthy pieces of scum.damn niggers take all the fuckin jobs!

both sides are ignorant because the white man cant bring down the black man and black people (well not all of them) are not dumb or stupid. niether are whites (again most of them are not stupid). racism is pointless and dumb.

i said not all of them because some are idiots, there are dumb folks on both sides regardless of the color of skin.
racism is an idiotic display that is utterly pointless.
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