A form of visual "hypnosis" used to make people think, at first glance and hopefully longer, that you are more attractive than you actually are through the use of:

- no bra (for nipple accentuation and/or bounce)

- push-up bras

- cleavage revealing clothing/swimwear

- formfitting clothing/exercise wear

- breast implants.

The goal is to DIVERT ATTENTION from one's plain or unattractive face, or otherwise unattractive body.

(Women know that men are usually linear thinking and visually oriented. As such, linear thinking + visually oriented + boobnosis = booblevision).

This purposeful deception goes beyond merely "accentuating the positives" of one's appearance. Fat and/or ugly girls want to be "given a pass" by any guy within a hundred yard radius of their boob flaunting.

"MySpace Hottie's" wardrobe has been an embarrassment to most everyone, and she doesn't represent her family or her children very well.

She wears a lot of skanky tops to make sure that her boobnosis is in full force. However, once guys take a long, second look at her face or body, the boobnosis is dispelled and they are not duped by the subterfuge.

She has attracted many losers because of boobnosis and her pretentious Ms. Thang persona. After years of going in circles, you would think that she would finally get a clue, and then get a life. Well, there's always tomorrow….
by One Stark Reality September 17, 2009
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