The bond between two people that are normally of the opposite sex. Not to be confused with friends with benefits. The people people may seem like more than friends, but to them, they couldn't ask for more. They love each other more than most friends do, and they would do anything for each other. They hold a special place in each others heart. Most biffles later on end up dating, but they still hold that biffle status.
Ashley and Brandyn are biffles.

Johnny: "Hey look at those two. They must be having sex."
Craig: "Nah, they're just biffles, dude."
by ashboface October 19, 2010
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An idiotic word which shows how the acronym 'BFFL' would be written if it became a proper term, god forbid. It means 'best friends for life', although in most cases this is generally a lie as you often lose contact with friends, especially if they were made when you were young.

Biffles would be the plural.
"You're my biffle... (may continue with other ramblings; but it's optional)"
by Letheral July 31, 2009
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Best Iraqi Friend For Life
(A.K.A. Suzie and Marian)
The coolest friends on the face of this Earth and everyone is jealous of them ;)
Wow! You hav a BIFFL... LUCKY!
by -S&M- January 29, 2010
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Bestest friends or great friends that act like a couple but aren't actually dating.
Capricorn called her biffle Panda so they could make out and have hot sex even though she wouldnt go out with him.
by Sexalot December 02, 2006
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Possibly the gayest way to pronounce bffl. Which itself is also gay.

Usually used by annoying middle schoolers and high school rejects.
Claire: OMG! Like wut is up Biffle?!?!?!?!??!?!??!
Time: What the FUCK?
by cristofe February 22, 2009
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best idiotic friend for like ever

generally for really close friends and instead of saying bff it makes it more fun and less generic
Jane: Mike you're the bestest biffle ever!
Mike: You're my bff ever too
Jane: wuut! why so lame and boring?? :(
by BuggyBooBoo May 26, 2009
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an affectionate nickname for a best friend, stemming from the acronym BFFL, a best friend for life. aka biff
instead of calling my best friend, my best friend, i call her my biffle, but more often then not, i just call her biff.
by Penelope Garcia August 16, 2015
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