Best friend/s for like ever

Best friend/s for life

One of the best things you can be and one of the loveliest things to have
Just an elongated complicated word for best friends
Ce-Ce and Sofie are my biffles, as are Anya and Issy 👭

Esther- Are you free to go to boringland tomoz?
Scarlet-Nilp, I'm going to Costa with ma biffles

Esther-Oh shit
by ✌️Littlefiendsusan13✌️ December 27, 2014
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Best friend of the opposite sex whom you are not in love with.
Jack: "My girlfriend totally hates you for hanging out with me"

Jill: "Why?"

Jack: "Cause she thinks that we're secretly together."

Jill: "Tell her we're just biffles."
by Katie Stiaro July 05, 2009
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The word someone would use to explain someone they love with everything inside of them,but they have no attraction towards the other person, someone who they can sit and talk to the grass with and not feel like idiots, someone who you can hold hands with and feel nothing,someone whos always gonna be there for you.
it doesnt have to be the opposite sex either
"whoa you can defintally tell courtney and marlina are biffles! by the way they act there so close"
by iloverocky July 10, 2009
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Two people who are better than best friends. They are Best Friends For Freaking Life. They share almost everything in common and basically have the same thought process. Often times they are mistaken as sisters. These two people talk about anything and everything, the two cannot hide anything from one another because the other one has a Best Friend Sense.
You're my bff!

You're my bffl!
We are better than best friends we're Biffles!
Kaitlyn says to Angela, "I love you, you're my Biffle forever!"

Angela responds, "OMG, you're my Biffle forever!!"
Both agree and say, "I love you Biffle!"
by a&kbiff4eva July 13, 2011
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Nonsense speak, general gibberish what comes out when someone talks utter shite.
Person 1 :"I recon Steven Seagal would have been great in star wars playing Han Solo because he is an excellent actor."

Person 2: "That is utter biffle you spank merchant , I hope a bear befouls you."
by Technosis October 26, 2010
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The way that, usually stupid people, define best friends.
oh my GAAAHHDD im hanging out with my biffles today LOLOOL
by antibiffle July 23, 2006
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1. A verbal disagreement, or

2. An ongoing disagreement.
I just got in a biffle with her.

Jen and Marie are in a biffle.
by emmm October 31, 2007
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