To shave ones head. Sometimes done with a cheap bic razor
hey dude, looks like your going bald. you better bic it.
by Will Witmer March 12, 2006
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to tell someone to stop an action or to relax because its inappropriate or false
yo C, i had sex with 16 females over the weekend. Wes can you bic it.
by littledickens April 27, 2008
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to shave one's head down to the skin as with a razor blade.
Last night, he bicced his head down to bare metal!
by weave March 19, 2003
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When someone borrows your lighter and then does not return it.
Damn, Joe used my lighter and never gave it back, bicced again!
by cameronga November 19, 2010
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A 'Bic' is the most common type of lighter available. Tried, trusted and relatively inexpensive, its the only type of lighter I use.
"Pass me the Bic, so I can light my cone."
by Diego August 26, 2003
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