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Having coitus on a pile of Bibles, or using a Bible as a phallus for intercourse.
If bibling goes well for us, then our relationship is right with the Lord.
by CharlotteChikfila August 03, 2012
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A word derived from James Bible like actions, whether it being on the lacrosse field or in everyday life. He is a folklore legend, a Paul Bunyon of sorts. He was known to play Lacrosse with a Redwood Tree and still outrun a cheetah. He was also known for drinking glasses of liquor at a time, while conquering asthma.

Also known as Drinking Alcohol, along with a phrase used with a physical gesture of manhood.
"Dude, look at Noah, he's bibling all over the place"

"Hey, you guys wanna go bible over at my place?"

"Hey, you like that bible? huh, do ya?"
by AJMajew February 13, 2007
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1. To say you are going to buy something for someone (Most likely give you all of their information for shipping) but you don't actually buy them the item.

2. To complain a lot while playing Call of Duty.

1. I just bibled Lorne by taking all of his information and saying I was going to buy him Turtle Beaches.

2. Seriously Keller, stop bibling it's just a game.

3. Terrance just bought me Battlefield 3, he's probably bibling me though.
by Just let me publish this November 03, 2011
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