This movie scene has an excellent BGM.
by AYB February 27, 2003
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Name of the individual with the smallest, pointiest, unattractive penis on the planet. Often used when comparing other penis sizes.
Girl 1: His penis was huge! Probably almost 5.04 * 10²³ of a BGM!
Girl 2: Whoa, that's almost 6 inches right?
by Anonymous January 28, 2003
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A hyper-intelligent shade of grey-often referred to as "Oh...that guy..."
by Bigm January 29, 2003
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Girl 1: Kara said Jeniyah got that BGM

Girl 2: what’s BGM

Girl1: is black girl magic
by mccartyfromtheparty March 2, 2020
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A wannabe click that started in the HG Apartments,that means Black Garden Mafia, all of they wannabe members are a pair of hood hopping busters, that only got balls to press you if your alone and when they with their homies, they swear like they got money but still can’t get out there piss smelling apartments.
Kid 1 :“You bang?”
Kid 2: “BGM Cuhhh!”
Kid 1: “Your from “blacks getting merked” ? Y’all a bunch of hood hopping buster”
by Hxte Gxng Perro February 20, 2019
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BGM is such a girl go suck boys dick
by xx_dedinside_xx October 24, 2022
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